Sanitary standards for music lessons related to COVID 19

Exclusion of symptomatic persons from the premises

Teachers and students are advised that in the event of symptoms of cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of smell or taste without nasal congestion or any other symptom associated with COVID-19, they should not show up for work or their class. In the event that a teacher or a student exhibits the symptoms set out above, the lessons must be carried out by videoconference. It is imperative to report any cases of COVID 19 to the administration.

Physical distance, hand washing and wearing a medical mask

-Handwash obligatory with soap and water for all students upon arrival. In case this is not possible, a hydroalcoholic solution at least 60% will be available.

-A distance of 2 meters will be requested between the teacher and the student. If the distance of two meters is respected "at all times", no protective equipment is required.

-When it is impossible to keep a distance of 2 meters:
1. Wearing a medical procedure mask (and not a face cover): by the teacher and the student will be compulsory or the lessons will take place by videoconference in the case of wind instruments or singing lessons.
2. There is also the possibility of installing an adequate physical barrier according to standards (eg Plexiglas) between the teacher and the student. In this case, no protective equipment is required.

-Only one parent can accompany young children. Young musicians aged 12 and over must not be accompanied.

-It will be necessary to avoid that the pupils cross. To do this, students will be asked to arrive at the correct time and wait for the student before him or her to leave the teacher's or teacher's home before entering. During this time, the teacher can disinfect the affected surfaces and the instrument if it is shared between the teacher and the students.

Maintaining hygiene measures with musical instruments and frequently touched surfaces

-Clean and disinfect, at least twice a day or when they are visibly soiled, frequently touched surfaces in common areas.

-Disinfection of pianos and other instruments shared between each course.

Teachers or pupils with a particular physical condition

In the event that you or someone living under your roof is in one of the situations below, we refer you to the standards of the Institute of Public Health.

Pregnant or breastfeeding workers

Immunosuppressed workers

Workers with severe chronic diseases (chronic kidney failure on dialysis, cardiovascular disease, unbalanced type 1 diabetes, complicated high blood pressure, morbid obesity, etc.)

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