Sanitary standards for music lessons related to COVID 19

Exclusion of symptomatic people from the premises

For symptoms of cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of smell or taste without nasal congestion, or any other symptom associated with COVID-19, students and teachers do not have to show up for work or their classes, regardless of where they are taught. If a teacher or a student exhibits the above symptoms, the lessons can be conducted by videoconference. It is imperative for anyone attending educational facilities to report any case of COVID-19 to the administration as soon as possible.
We suggest that you consult the government's self-assessment tool as needed.

Hand hygiene and cleaning of teaching places

- Hand washing with soap and water is compulsory for anyone entering the teaching premises. A hydroalcoholic solution is also available on site.
- Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces at least twice a day or when they are soiled.
- Disinfection of pianos and other shared instruments, furniture and accessories with which students come into direct contact (lecterns, chairs, etc.), as well as physical barriers installed between teachers and students, and this before and after each class.
- Floor cleaning of rooms where singing and wind instrument lessons take place after each lesson.

Physical distancing

- A distance of 2 meters between teachers and students must be observed at all times.
- To reduce crowds within the cooperative or in the homes of teachers:

  • students are asked to arrive at the teaching premises at the exact time and to wait until the pupil who follows their course before them or they has left the teaching premises before entering in their turn ;
  • students aged 11 and under can only be accompanied by one person. Students aged 12 and over must go to their lessons alone.

Protective gear

- If the distance of 2 meters is respected:

  • teachers are required to wear the surgical mask at all times on the teaching premises;
  • students have the choice of wearing either a face cover or a surgical mask (strongly recommended) at all times in the teaching environment. Only children 11 years and under can avoid this obligation, although the wearing of a mask is encouraged for all.

- If it is impossible to maintain a distance of 2 meters:

  • installation of a physical barrier (solid transparent partition) between the teachers and the students;
  • teachers and students must wear surgical masks (and not simple face covers).

- Wearing a mask and face cover being impossible during singing and wind instrument lessons, teachers and students must be separated by a physical barrier, regardless of whether the two-meter distance is respected or not.

Teachers or students with a particular physical condition

If you or a person living in your home are in one of the situations mentioned below, please read the standards of the Institut de la santé publique du Québec that apply (click to access the content).


    * Updated September 22, 2020.
    ** The information and guidelines presented in this document are subject to change as public health authorities announce new health standards.