Privacy Policy

Objectives of the Policy 
Our privacy policy aims to inform you about the practices of the Coopérative des professeurs de musique regarding the collection, use, communication, and storage of your personal information and any other information we may collect in the course of using our website and services.

Policy Modification 
Our policy may be modified in the future. We invite you to review the policy each time you use our website, applications, or services. Unless you explicitly consent otherwise, we process your personal information and any other information we may collect in accordance with the policy in effect at the time of their collection.

Reasons for Collecting Personal Information and Information 
The collection of personal information and other information may serve various purposes, including the sale of music lessons or other products, tracking lesson requests, serving students, marketing, advertising, statistics, and optimal administration of the Coopérative des professeurs de musique website or other services.

Types of Information likely to be Collected 
The personal information we may collect is likely to identify you as an individual and may include, among other things, your name, first name, gender, date of birth, postal address, phone number, and email address. As indicated below, we may also collect certain information about your credit card when you make a transaction, as well as technical information about your use of our website or services.

Collection and Storage of Personal Information 
We may collect personal information in various ways, including when you register for our courses, subscribe to our newsletter, or communicate with us to ask questions or provide feedback. We may also collect personal information in the context of a contest or survey. Participation in these activities is always voluntary. Participation in a contest may require the collection of personal information about you in the event we need to contact you to award a prize. Participation in a survey involves the collection of personal information that may help us improve our product and service offerings to better meet the needs of our clientele. We retain your personal information only for the duration necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or as required by law.

Information Collection During a Transaction 
If you make a transaction through our website or in person at our office, you will be redirected to a third-party payment platform (Mindbody). To complete the transaction, the Coopérative des professeurs de musique and the third party may collect personal information about you to finalize billing details. The Coopérative des professeurs de musique and the third party may also collect information about your credit card. Unless you provide consent, neither the Coopérative des professeurs de musique nor the third party retains information about your credit card after the transaction. If you consent, we may retain your credit card number and expiration date to facilitate future transactions. Even then, we do not retain the three-digit verification code on the back of your credit card, and our employees only have access to the last four digits of your credit card number and its expiration date.

Information Collection During the Use of Our Website 
When you use our website, we may collect technical information about the terms of your use. This information allows us to compile certain statistics about the use of our website and applications to analyze trends and activity across all users. For example, it helps us analyze the most visited pages of the website, the language chosen by users, the average duration of visits, the geographical origin of users, etc. This information is collected through cookies, which can be downloaded to the memory of your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device you use to connect to our website. In general, these cookies allow our website or applications to recognize you to facilitate the use of our services. These cookies specifically enhance the user experience by customizing the display according to your preferences. Cookies do not collect personal information that identifies you as an individual. Instead, they collect technical information about, for example, your IP address, the web browser you use, your domain name, or the operating system you use. However, the collected information could be associated with an account you have already created or the personal information we hold about you. You have the option to modify or completely block the use of cookies by changing your web browser settings. However, changing the settings may make it difficult to use our website or that of third parties.

Data Transfer to Third-Party Service Providers 
Unless you provide consent or the law allows or requires it, we do not disclose your personal information to any other company other than as stated in this Policy. However, we may transfer your personal information to third parties providing services to the Cooperative of Music Teachers, such as data storage, processing and analysis, or the processing of certain transactions. In this context, it is possible that your personal information may be transferred outside of Canada.

Security Measures 
The Coopérative des professeurs de musique ensures the security and integrity of your personal information. To this end, we have implemented security measures to protect the personal information we hold against loss, theft, disclosure, copying, unauthorized access, or any other unauthorized use. We use best practices to ensure the security of your personal information, and we take necessary measures to ensure that third parties providing us with services protect the personal information we may entrust to them.

Links to Third-Party Websites 
In addition to the payment platform allowing you to complete a transaction, the website of the Coopérative des professeurs de musique also contains links to third-party websites. The Coopérative des professeurs de musique is not responsible for the practices adopted by these third parties regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information and privacy protection. If you click on a link and leave our website, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the practices adopted by these third parties, which may differ from those we apply.

Access, Modification, and Complaints Regarding Personal Information You can, at any time, submit a written request to access your personal information in order to review and modify it if necessary. This request can be submitted to the contact information provided in the section below.

Contact Information for the Coopérative des professeurs de musique 
Any comments, questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this policy, the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information or other information, or regarding our privacy and confidentiality practices can be sent to us by email, phone, or mail at the following coordinates: 
Title: Information Management Manager

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