Sebastian Verdugo

Sebastian Verdugo, Piano

Teaching at:

  • Plateau Mont-Royal

Pianist from Chile, Sebastian hold a master and a doctorate degree in classical piano interpretation from Université de Montréal, under the tuition of Marc Durand and Jimmy Brière.  Sebastian obtained his bachellor degree at Escuela Moderna de Musica in Chile in 2008 and then he received the most important scholarship given by the chilean gouvernement to complete his master and doctorate degree. He also participated in prestigious summer piano programs, such as: Banff Centre for arts and Orford music (Canada), Chautauqua festival and Mammuth Lakes piano seminar (USA) and Classics Abroad (France), where he had the opportunity to receive advices and guidance from reputed pianists, such as: Julian Martin, Jean Marc Luisada and Jean Francois Antonioli.

He is also passionate by Jazz, popular music and particularly by Latin American traditional music. Sebastian has performed at Place des Arts in a traditional argentine tango’s program and he has an active presence on the popular music scene in Montreal.

With a wide experience in teaching piano, he has taught at Universidad Catolica de Temuco (Chile), Escuela Moderna de Musica (Chile) and Montreal University (Canada). Sebastian has also taught privately since 2001 which gives him a great experience teaching at every age and level.