Rodrigo Simoes

Rodrigo Simoes, Mandolin, Guitar

Teaching at:

  • 4220, rue Drolet, Montréal
  • Sud-Ouest

Rodrigo Simões is a guitarist, mandolinist and composer. He shares with his creations a distinctive musical style that oscillates between Brazilian music and jazz improvisation. His international career has led him to travel the roads of China, Australia, Paraguay and the United States, in addition to his native country – Brazil – and his adopted country – Canada. The musician has already collaborated with great artists in Brazil (Elza Soares, Carlos Malta, Paulinho da Viola, Dominguinhos, Zeca Baleiro and Paulo Moska) and in Canada (Bill McBirnie, Joel Miller, Flavia Nascimento, Alex Lefaivre, Sonia Jonhson and Jean-Pierre Zanella). In 2013, his first album "Aos Velhos Amigos" was released in his native land. In 2018, he completed a master's degree in jazz composition at "Université de Montréal" under the supervision of bassist Alain Caron (UZEB). Also in 2018, he released his second album "Jazz brésilien" by Montreal jazz label Multiple Chord Music.