Andrée-Anne Mathonet, Musical Awakening

Teaching at:

  • 4220, rue Drolet, Montréal

Andrée-Anne Mathonet was introduced to music at school, at the age of 6. She learned to play cello and piano. Later, she started to play the saxophone. She had classes with Marie-Chantal Leclerc and Jean-Marc Bouchard, who play in the QUASAR saxophone quartett. She also studied composition at Université de Montréal for five years, with Jérôme Blais et Isabelle Panneton.

Andrée-Anne started to teach music in 2002.  She started in various day care centers in Montreal. In 2007, she started to teach in a Montessori school. She is now studying at UQAM where she is getting her masters degree in pedagogy and she works as a teacher for the Commission scolaire de Montréal. She also has a lot of interest in music teaching to children with pervasive development disorders.