Épopée Jazz Choir

Jazz and Pop Choir Group Class

Course Description

Thanks to this vocal ensemble course (choir) you will be able to master a basic vocal technique, to sing a given melodic line within a polyphonic score and you will have participated in the different stages of preparation and the presentation of a concert for a large ensemble!

All this thanks to explanations and applications of technical notions, vocal warm-up, small canons and polyphonic exercises and, above all, by learning and presenting pieces from the popular and jazz repertoire.

Thanks to a dynamic and varied catalog, you will have the chance to demonstrate your talent in more than one style: popular jazz, gospel, Quebec song, etc.

So join us for this great musical and collective adventure where everyone has fun while developing their talents!


Coop des profs de musique

Knowing how to read music is an asset but is not mandatory to take the course.

Equipment required for the student
Black binder with rings, pencil and smile.

Please note that all our group classes are given in french