Cello Ensemble

Cello Ensemble Group Class

Discover music for cello ensemble surrounded by other musicians while developing your technique, your musicality and the art of chamber music.

The objective of the course is to introduce students to ensemble cello music in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. At the end of the semester, students will know the basics of group playing, along with being able to perform several pieces for cello ensemble.

In order to learn to work in group, students will learn first to tune their cellos properly and develop their intonation accuracy in group. The work on the repertoire will be progressive, so that everyone can develop their knowledge of the intrument and of the music at their own pace. Ranging from Baroque music to today's music, the proposed repertoire will be varied and chosen according to the technical level of everyone and so as to satisfy all tastes.

To develop the cohesion of the group, the teacher will focus on the listening, rhythmic understanding, dynamics and phrasing. The interpretation of the works will be done under the guidance and active participation of the teacher. The latter will answer students' questions and give them the tools they need to achieve the goals of the group.

We invite you to discover the fascinating and rich universe of cello ensemble music. You will be able to acquire the skills demanded by chamber music playing in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere while practicing your instrument under the guidance of the teacher.

Wednesday 19h30 to 20h55, every three week.

There will be 5 lessons during the Fall session. The exact date will be confirm soon.

Required equipment
Folder, pencil and endpin anchor

Please note that all our groupe classes are given in French.