Registration for the fall session

Event type:
Registration date, Various
From friday, june 4, 2021
to monday, june 21, 2021

Reserve your place with your teacher by June 21
The registration procedure varies according to your teacher and / or the place of teaching.

Classes at 4220 rue Drolet

Please confirm your registration for the fall session. We will then be able to reserve your time slot according to the schedule in effect this spring when you were present. As of June 22, all time slots that have not been reserved will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Classes at the teacher's home
You can contact your teacher to confirm the continuation of your courses in the fall. You can take the opportunity to assess the schedule options for the month of September.

Student teachers at the Conservatory
If you are taking your classes with the teachers below, reply to this email to confirm that you want to continue your classes before June 21. At the beginning of August, we will be able to confirm the exact schedule of your lessons. Also, these teachers will teach in the premises of the Conservatory (4750, rue Henri-Julien) from September.
Tomas azcarate
Magali Gavazzi-April
Joon oh kim
Florence laurain
Jean-Christophe Melançon
Jeremie Morency

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