Fiddle Group Class

Traditional violin workshops

Level 1 is for intermediate/beginners with a moderate learning pace. Minimum experience on violin: 2 years. It is not necessary to have experience in traditional music.

Level 2 is for advanced/intermediate with a more sustained learning rhythm. You must know how to pass on tunes by ear and have a good knowledge of the traditional repertoire of Quebec. Minimum of violin experience: 4 years.

* For any question concerning the levels, Marie-Pierre will be happy to answer you


Description of the workshops
Traditional music has always brought families and friends together. This is why group workshops meet the essence of trad, that is to say, sharing and pleasure, stimulating listening and promoting, among other things, the work of accuracy and musical reflexes. .

Here, all the repertoire is transmitted to the ear. The question-answer style is mostly used. The learning pace is about one or two piece(s) / week. Of course, you have to record the pieces during class so you can listen to them and practice them at home. Learning a style and its repertoire through listening and singing.

On the menu, a very diversified repertoire ranging from reels to 6/8 and waltzes to "crooked tunes". My goal is to send you a lot of standard tunes played in jam sessions to give you the chance to play with other musicians. Concrete rhythmic and melodic exercises will be used to situate you physically and musically (pulsation, accents and groove). By integrating the scales and arpeggios of the trad music, you will make the link directly with the pieces.


-Level 1 (gentle learning pace): Play the violin for at least 2 years.
-Level 2 (more sustained learning pace and more advanced repertoire level): Play the violin for at least 4 years, know how to pass on tunes by ear and have a good knowledge of the traditional Quebec repertoire.

Equipment required for the student
Violin, shoulder pad, bow and rosin;
Violin tuner (clip style or otherwise);
Notebook and pencils.

Note that all our group classes are given in French