Music Awakening Class

The musical awakening class is for children from 9 months to 5 years old. Given as group classes (maximum 8 children per group), it allows children to explore music in a rhythmic, melodic and physical way. Throughout the session, the child will learn to handle various percussion instruments. He will also be asked to sing and participate in various activities of listening and movement. Finally, the musical exploration will allow your child to make a stimulating and enjoyable first contact with the world of music while developing his listening, memory, coordination and musical sensibility.

The Musical Awakening Teachers at our school were trained to teach young children. They respect a program that has been developed specifically for our students aged 9 months to 5 years. Each age group follows a progression of learning that is unique to them, with clear and adapted objectives. In addition, groups of 2, 3 and 4 years old follow a lesson plan respected by all teachers. This ensures cohesion and consistency in the teaching received by each student. Finally, the 3- and 4-year-old groups have a Student Workbook with Progress Sheets, which allows parents to track their children's progress even if they are no longer attending class. We are very proud to give quality education to your children.

Please note that all our group classes are given in french

Music Awakening Class

Andrée-Anne Mathonet
Plateau Mont-Royal

Musical awakening classes in Montreal

Andrée-Anne Mathonet was introduced to music at school, at the age of 6. She learned to play cello and piano. Later, she started to play the saxophone. She had classes with Marie-Chantal Leclerc and Jean-Marc Bouchard, who play in the QUASAR saxophone quartett. She also studied composition at Université de Montréal for five years, with Jérôme Blais et Isabelle Panneton.

Andrée-Anne started to teach music in 2002.  She started in various day care centers in Montreal. In 2007, she started to teach in a Montessori school. She is now studying at UQAM where she is getting her masters degree in pedagogy and she works as a teacher for the Commission scolaire de Montréal. She also has a lot of interest in music teaching to children with pervasive development disorders.

Violin Lessons, Music Awakening Class, Viola Lessons

Julie Babaz
Plateau Mont-Royal

Violin lessons in Montreal

Julie lived in France until the end of his studies in university and conservatory. She succeeded mainly in viola and chamber music.

She lived 4 years in Reunion Island, participating in many different musical projects and teaching, before coming in Montréal in December 2009. She plays with Olivier Babaz in duet viola-double bass: Akoz

His interest of childhood and its status as a musician give her the opportunity to teach in schools and music schools.

Trombone Lessons

Karine Gordon

Musical Awakening lessons in Montreal

Karine begins her career at Cégep Drummondville where she specializes in classical trombone before moving towards a jazz profile. She continues her musical studies at McGill University, where she obtains a baccalaureate. She has the chance to be part of several ensembles during her studies, such as the McGill Jazz Orchestra and the McGill Trombone Ensemble.

Following an injury, she develops her interest in teaching. She comes across musical awakening for the first time in 2012. While she’s enrolled in various psychology courses at the University of Montréal, Karine began to give musical awakening lessons to children of Montreal daycares.

Today, she continues to spread her love of music through teaching. She conducts community jazz ensembles. She is a brass specialist in various schools. She also teaches musical awakening and continues to take an interest in pedagogy to provide a high quality education.

Music Awakening Class, Choir director

Marcela Flores Camargo

Musical awakening in Montreal

From Guadalajara Mexico, Marcela Flores began her musical training at the age of seven singing under the choir conducting of the musicologist Ileana Gueche. She was a member of the A Cappella ensemble of Guadalajara, with whom she had the opportunity of singing throughout Mexico and travelling to Europe and Latin America. Upon turning 18, she starts her professional studies at a core level of music at the University of Guadalajara after which she then continues studying her bachelor’s degree in this same institution. 

Equally, she has completed her formation with various opera singers, such as the baritone Luis Alvarez, the mezzo-soprano Grace Echaurri, the tenor Ramon Calzadilla, the baritone bass Ricardo Herrera as well as the Argentinean jazz singer Sofia Rei. In 2012 she travels to New York to learn from the great mezzo-soprano Hilda Harris in the Manhattan School of Music Summer Voice Festival. As well, she has taken workshops of music for choirs with choral conductors like Leonor Suarez, Ana Patricia Carbajal, Ailyn Urquiza and Jorge Cozatl.

Later on she forms her quartet Vocal CREA, where she begins her development as choral conducting. With her quartet she represented her country when they participated in the Choral Festival of Medellin in Colombia, as well as in Corearte in Spain. She was part of the committee to organize the Festival Jalisco Canta from their first edition in 2010 until 2016. As well she worked as voice teacher and choral conductor for three years in different music academies in her state.

At the present time, she continues her preparation as an opera singer with the international singer Donna Brown in the Music Conservatory of Montreal. 

Music Awakening Class

Marion Corpet

Musical Awakening Class in Montreal

She began her studies with her teacher Zoé Dumais and she performed "jam" concerts throughout the city of Montreal. She loves improvisation and Gypsy tunes. It's about the same time that Marion discovers teaching to the little ones. For the last two years, she has been giving musical awakening lessons for young people aged one to five at the Wilfrid-Pelletier daycare centre in the Saint-Michel neighbourhood. She is particularly interested in the relationship between pedagogy in childhood and music. Marion plans to continue to teach young people the joys of music for years to come.

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