Initiation to the piano

Introduce your child to the piano with playing and listening games in a fun group environment to develop basic skills at the instrument.

This is an introductory course to music; it aims to prepare children to learn piano. Students will discover the instrument and the notes by playing, improvising and composing. They will be sensitized to the musical vocabulary and the good posture at the instrument. They will develop their listening faculties, memory and concentration. The class' objective is to give the child the desire to learn music, and thereby, the piano.

This course will allow the child to deal with concepts such as: the note names and their order, the exploration of the piano, knowledge of the keyboard, right, and left hand fingerings, good body and hand posture , the pulse, the basic dynamics, attentive listening and interaction with others, basic music reading and writing as necessary for learning music theory.

The child will learn these concepts through games, improvisation and composition, to wake all the senses: listening, drawing, applying the concepts at the piano, singing, etc. These activities will be adapted to the context of learning, along with the skills and experience of the child. Improvisation will take an important part as it leaves room for creativity . This encourages children to be creative, interact, listen, be spontaneous and involve their emotions. This course provides a smooth transition between music awakening classes and the serious practice of a musical instrument or simply to the novice child who has expressed interest in the instrument.


5 to 6 years old


Wednesday, 5:30 to 6:15 and 6:30 to 7:15

Friday, 5:30 to 6:15 and 6:30 to 7:15

Required equipment for the student


Please note that all our groupe classes are given in French.

Piano Lessons, Piano initiation

Christine Séguin

Piano Lessons in Montreal

Christine began playing piano at seven years old and has never looked back. After l’École secondaire Pierre Laporte (a Montreal high school specialising in music), she continued her musical education at Cégep Saint-Laurent, where she obtained a diploma in music, piano performance. In 2010 Christine graduated from the Université du Québec à Montréal  (UQAM) with a Baccalaureate in piano performance.

Christine’s familiarity with and knowledge of various approaches to music pedagogy has been deepened and broadened by her involvement with a number of stimulating musical groups including Le Garage à Musique, La fondation du Docteur Julien, l’Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (Music for Children program), Les petits chanteurs du Mont-Royal, and l’Académie de musique Pierre-Laporte. As well, after several very productive years with the École de musique Enchantée, she now collaborates as accompanist for the Ensemble Vocal Wellington.

She is presently continuing her studies in both piano technique and repertoire with the well renowned pianist Jean-Pascal Hamelin.

Christine’s approach to teaching is characterised by a focus on listening and an emphasis on flexibility. Her pedagogy highlights her students’ inherent personal worth and self-esteem, and she is committed to transmitting her love for the beauty of art and of sound by means of both a solid piano technique and a well-rounded musical culture.

Piano initiation, Piano Lessons

Hélène Claise

Piano lessons in Montreal

Helene Claise began her musical education at age 8 and later graduated from Bordeaux Conservatory (France) with a degree in piano and chamber music.

She then completed an undergrad in music and musicology at Sorbonne University (Paris) and is presently adding to her musical education an undergrad in classical singing at Université de Montréal.

Over the past years, she has publicly performed in many occasions as a accompanist and in multiple chamber music ensembles.

A comprehensive and specialized approach

Comprehensive educational methods being her passion as a skilled pedagogue, she specializes and teaches musical awakening at Bordeaux Conservatory. For the past 7 years, she has though piano and musical theory in multiple formats, including private session, and has done so in many music schools around France.

Teaching music with a ludic insight being part of Helenes main focus as a professional piano player, she offers a specialized approach that adapts to the students envies and needs while having a great consideration and respect for ones personality and creativity as an integral part of a successful learning process.

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