Rates and music sessions 2016-2017

Here are our rates for the 2016-2017 school year.

All our courses are sold by the session, to know the price of a full session, multiply the rates by the number of lesson in the session.

You can join a session at any time and we can also arrange a session tailored to your needs.

Please note there is a lifetime registration fee of 40$ for individual lessons. Registration is valid for you and your family.

To begin your lesson, just contact us for a registration appointement.

You can consult our rules and policies by following this link


Individual classes




Group classes

Choirs, Petit orchestre philharmique 15$ / course

Musical Awakening 19$ / course

Group class of 55 min. 22$ / course

Group class of 70 min. 25$ / course

Group class of 85 min. 31$ / course

Family discount

Applicable on the total session cost

5% 2 members of the same family

10% 3 members or more of the same family

Group classes discount

Clients registered for private lessons get a 10% discount on all group classes semesters except for musical awakening.


Winter 2017-13 Weeks of lessons

(12 weeks for lessons from Friday to Sunday)

January 16th to April 13th

For children's choir and the pop and jazz choir the winter session and spring session are only one session. 22 weeks of lessons.

Spring 2017 -9 weeks of lessons

(7 weeks for lessons on Mondays)

April 18th to June 17th

Make-up week June 19th to 25th

Summer 2017 -8 weeks of lessons

July 3rd to August 27th

Make-up week August 28th to September 3rd


Sunday November 27th and December 4th  2016

Sunday June 4th and 11th 2017

     Holidays for group classes

·         Action de grâce - Monday October 10th 2016

·         Easter Holidays - from April 14th to the 17th 2017

·         Patriots day - Monday May 22rd 2017

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