Music lessons... in sync with your needs!

The Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op is an innovative music school that offers lessons in a creatively stimulating environment.

Whether you are looking to study the violin, piano, guitar, voice or any other musical instrument, the Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op can provide you a unique learning experience right in your neighbourhood.

Regardless of your skill level or age, the Co-op has a passionate teacher that can help you reach your musical goals.


Musical awakening Summer program

It's now possible to join our Musical awakening class for the summer!

Starting on July 3rd, our Summer program is 8 weeks long.

To register or to consult the schedule you can follow this link:


Final Concert

The students' concerts will take place on Sundays, 4 and 11 June. There will be 3 concerts per day at 14:00, 16:00 and 19:00. All these concerts will take place at the Chapelle St-Louis, 4230 rue Drolet. Tickets will be available from May 29 at our office or online at $14 for adults and free for those aged 17 and under.

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