Group Music Classes in & around Montreal

Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op offer group classes for the whole family. These courses are designed to learn music in a structured way and to allow exchanges between musicians. We believe music makes a lot more sense when shared.

Our classes have a limited number of participants which guaranteed a better contact with the teacher and a personalized instruction.

All group classes are held at our school on 4220, Drolet Street in Montreal. We are five minutes walk from Mont-Royal subway station.

Instruments taught at the MMTC:

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Instruments - Group classes

Concerts are held twice a year to give students the opportunity to perform before an audience. Other activities will be added to the calendar. For more information, visit the Events section.

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Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op

514 544-4636
4220, Drolet St. local 1
Montréal, QC, H2W 2L6

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