Group Music Classes in & around Montreal

Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op offer group classes for the whole family. These courses are designed to learn music in a structured way and to allow exchanges between musicians. We believe music makes a lot more sense when shared.

Our classes have a limited number of participants which guaranteed a better contact with the teacher and a personalized instruction.

All group classes are held at our school on 4220, Drolet Street in Montreal. We are five minutes walk from Mont-Royal subway station.

Instruments taught at the MMTC:

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Instruments - Group classes

Concerts are held twice a year to give students the opportunity to perform before an audience. Other activities will be added to the calendar. For more information, visit the Events section.

In addition, we offer an instrument rental service with very competitive rates. We also sell all the learning materials you need for your first lesson. Give us a call!

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Montreal Music Teachers’ Co-op

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